ArkHost in a new Jacket!

As you can see, ArkHost has a nice, stylish, new look. You can also now turn the lights on or off from the menu, always handy! You will also notice that the website will load faster, this due to the much more effective, lighter, new theme.

Always striving for better, to guarantee you the best services.

This is ArkHost!

November 4, 2022
Bitcoin Payments on ArkHost

This payment gateway accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments on our website. There are no security risks. The complete checkout process happens within our website; customers never leave our site. Feature list: Accepting Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on our website A "Bitcoin" option is added to our checkout No outside gateway. ... Read More

August 19, 2022
Price adjustment 2022/2023

Energy prices from suppliers have risen drastically since the end of last year. This phenomenon has been affecting people and industries across the globe. And since prices are not likely to drop or stabilize in the near future, we are forced to increase the prices of many of our products by approximately 10-15%. In addition, we also, ... Read More

August 13, 2022
Check out our new Site Builder!

We're happy to announce our new integrated website builder. Whether you want to promote yourself or your business, our site builder is a template and wizard-based with guided content that is simple enough for beginners and feature-rich for professionals. Feels like PowerPoint but with more muscle, elegance, and simplicity. A solution that you will ... Read More

July 24, 2022
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