Feature: Password Manager

  • Wednesday, 23rd December, 2020
  • 23:45pm

Password Manager will enable you to store, manage, and share passwords in a highly convenient yet entirely secure manner; well-thought concept, straightforward interface, and significant flexibility. All customers will get the chance to carefully handle owned passwords, including the ones assigned to their products and services.

The module brings a high level of protection through the usage of complex two-way encryption. Once applied, the encryption keys will fully safeguard your confidential data against unauthorized access or digital theft.





  • Display And Manage Access Details
  • Display And Add Additional Access Details Of Owned Services
  • Generate Random Passwords
  • Share Access Details With Administrators And Clients
  • Create Shared Categories
  • Assign Categories To Access Details
  • Restrict Access To Owned Passwords Using Master Password
  • Restrict Contacts Access To Passwords


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