Enable Free SSL Certificate by LetsEncrypt + Force SSL with https redirect

You can very easily create an SSL Certificate for your website. This way, your visitors will see that their connection to your website is secure; this is shown by a lock on the left, in front of the URL in the address bar.


To be able to do this, a valid A-record needs to be created in advance in the management of your domain to ensure that your website points to the correct server or location.

If you have purchased the web hosting package and your domain on ArkHost, the A-record and some other records will be added automatically. For more information on how to create a record on your DNS Zone, continue reading this article.

Enable Free LetsEncrypt Certificate

When logged on to ArkHost Client Area.

Go to My Services

Select your Active Webhosting package

Scroll down to the Advanced Features Section

Click on SSL Certificates

Click Let's Encrypt and select the domain(s). This will create and install an SSL Certificate(s) in one go!

If you're receiving errors when trying to enable LetsEncrypt, make sure that the following records in your DNS Zone are in place (Domains, yourdomain.example, DNS Management):

  • An A record (Address record) pointing to the web-hosting package you're requesting the LetsEncrypt certificate on
  • A CNAME record (Alias record) for www pointing to the A record mentioned above. This part is only necessary when the option to turn on "Pointers www redirect" is checked in the Addon Domains section of your web hosting service.

Now we want to make sure that our website is automatically redirected to HTTPS.

To enable this via the ArkHost Client Area, we need to enable Force SSL with HTTPS redirect; this is done in the Addon Domains page of your web hosting package(s)

Go to Services & select your Active Web hosting package.

Under Manage Account, select Addon Domains.

Click the Edit icon

Edit Addon Domain

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