Rebuild a Cloud Instance

On ArkHost, you'll have the option to Rebuild your virtual server at any time. This operation usually takes a couple of seconds, and you have a freshly installed server.

This operation applies to all Cloud VPS & VDS instances.

Keep in mind that all current data on the server will be lost.

If you do not have the Backup feature enabled, or no backups are available, you cannot revert this operation.

So please be aware!

To rebuild your Cloud server, follow the steps below.

Assuming your logged on and have an active Cloud Instance, from the main menu, click onĀ My Services

Select your active Cloud Instance from the My Products & Services menu.

Scroll down to the Quick Server Actions, and click the Rebuild icon.

Confirm the Server OS Installation Pop-up.

Take a note of the New one-time password. You can use this for the first login via the console or over SSH (Secure Shell) with an application called Putty.

You can always reset the password by clicking Reset Password from the Service Actions menu.

Click on Confirm.

After you've done that, the generated password will be shown in the Server Password Field.

You may be asking if it is possible to choose another Operating System to install.

And, of course, this is possible. But you will have to follow another procedure to accomplish that.

For example:

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