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What are Addon Domains?

An add-on domain is a domain name you add to an existing web hosting service on ArkHost.

Use cases:

Gives you the possibility to link another domain to your existing service; This means that if you have a Web Pro package with a 7 domains limit, you can add up to 6 Addon domains for websites that share the total available disk space for that particular service.

If you already have an active web-space subscription and you plan to buy another domain for a new project, you set the A-record to point to the server of your web-hosting subscription and add an Addon domain. After that will see the domain list when installing an Application with the Auto Installer (Softaculous) or just accessing your web-space via the File Manager.

Configuration from the Client Area:

From the Client Area, click My Services.

Select your Active Product/Service.

On the product details page, below Manage Account >> Addon Domains

Product details

Create Addon Domain

Fill in the Domain Name you own to add as an Addon Domain


  • You must own the Domain that you add as an Addon domain.
  • Active Web Hosting Product/Service
  • An A record must be set in order for your Domain to point to the correct location

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